EEC3225 3 videos

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    Helping Maddie Learn New Words (videative)

    Maddie sits on the floor with her regular teacher (foreground) and her speech teacher (in the back). The teachers use hand signs and words to ask Maddie to point to one of two pictures, the one for which the word and sign refer. Watch this video carefully, noting which concepts…

    Subjects: photographs

    Ages: fours

    Tags: special education language names child-teacher

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    Evan Shows Jose

    Evan shows Jose, a new child, his favorite parts of the playground: the long wall with bays in which to hide, the holes in the wall through which to peer, and the jungle gym on which to climb. In the first segment Evan speaks and gestures to Jose, showing him…

    Subjects: body

    Ages: fours

    Tags: closed captions special education child-child peer tutoring outdoor play leadership

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    Reading Spiderman

    This is a clip of a child reading to his class. We recognize his strategies for emergent reading, such as memorizing words and using visual cues to remind him of phrases. According to the book, Early Literacy in Preschool and Kindergarten, Beaty and Pratt refer to this experience as “practice…

    Subjects: books

    Ages: threes

    Tags: reading literacy communication children-teacher closed captions