Advanced Features of VSS

If you need assistance using the video streaming web site, please contact You can click here to download a PDF file that explains the features, navigation, and tips for using our video streaming website. Please watch this video tutorial below that shows you how to make playlists to organize your clips into categories or to send your favorites to non-subscribers at no extra cost. Click on the arrow in the middle. Be sure your computer speakers are on.

To download the above video to your own computer click here. Once the .mov file is downloaded to your computer you can open it and drag the lower right corner outward to make the window larger. Be sure to use Quicktime Player to watch the video. You may also like to watch this video in You Tube on how to add a playlist to a Black Board course. This example was created by Palomar College. While it contains some instructions that are specific to Palomar College, many are helpful and relevant in general.

In addition, we have created a second video tutorial showing you how to add your own comments to the playlists you created and to hide the provided text as an option. Click here to download this tutorial, or go to

Changes to the "Hide Video Description" feature for playlists:

The Hide Video Description editing feature for playlists has been updated. Instructors are now better able to distribute videos to students with our introductory text hidden, a more desirable format for class assignments and practice observations. In the past, a playlist with the Hide Video Description box checked would not hide our text if the student happened to be logged in to the institutional account (which is allowed). Now when a faculty member checks the Hide Video Description box for a particular playlist, anyone who clicks on that public playlist url will be switched over to Guest Access and see only the video. Of course, any student who has access to the institutional account via the auto login link we provided you or through your account username and password, will be able to view the full video library, including our text. Please let us know if there are any situations where this change interferes with your instructional format.